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  • Becky Whitcomb

Packing Lite

If we are living in a material world, I can't say that I'm a material girl. I'm world's worst window shopper. Ask my ex-boyfriends and they'll tell you it is one of my many... charms. So when it comes to packing for my adventures I'm not fussy with what I bring, and unless you are a social media "influencer" (whatever that means) you don't need to be either. I'll do a full packing post soon, but this is just a few tips of the trade that I've garnered over the years.

Prior to my first solo travel excursion in 2014 I had spent 9 months on tour living out of a large suitcase, a carry-on, and a backpack so I had some practice in the less-is-more mindset. Going overseas, I was set to take 4 flights and a few buses to various cities over the course of the month, and checked baggage can cost a pretty penny with that many legs on a trip. I was determined to fit all of my clothing and travel necessities in one carry-on bag.

Pro tip: If you are traveling internationally to and from the States most airlines will included at least one checked bag with your ticket if you really need to check something. My issue was more with intercontinental travel once I arrived in Europe.

Everything I brought with me for a month in one carry-on sized backpack

Being my typical type-A self, I did a ton of research on luggage restrictions (some international airlines may enforce smaller carry-on sizes, including weight restrictions, than those in the States) and top-ranked travel baggage until I ultimately settled upon a High Sierra wheeled backpack complete with a detachable day pack much like this one listed on Amazon. I paid about $90 back in 2014, and this backpack has stood the test of time since then through my year-and-a-half of weekly business travel, personal travel, and countless of auditions around NYC.

Pro tip: Buying a wheeled backpack is a lifesaver for when you are walking through cobbled stone streets and don't want to kill your arm.... or if you're running through the airport to catch a flight and don't want to take out another traveler's legs during your sprint.

Me and my daypack (aka baby bump) exploring the Forum Romano in Rome, Italy

Once I had the bag I just had to fill it... and to be honest, even with a month-long journey ahead I didn't need much. One pair of jeans. One dress. A fee t-shirts. A sweater. A jacket. Unmentionables. Socks. My Nike hat (it's been with me on every adventure I've ever taken). A couple of gallon-sized ziplock bags to create even more space in my bag. ALWAYS use ziplock bags when packing. It'll change your life.

Pro tip: Pack old pairs of underwear, socks, even clothes that you can't really use anymore to throw away on your trip. You'll create more space for souvenirs as you go.

As you can see from these pictures above: A) I never age, and B) my clothes are pretty simple. Just like most other travelers you will meet. You don't need a different outfit for everyday or for every insta on your travels. Grab the necessities from your house and if you forget something or feel like you need more: treat yourself to something on your trip!

I can forever tell anyone who asks that I bought my gray and white scarf (as pictured above) in the city of Bath, England. It makes me so #cultured

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